Strike against plans of Highlands and Islands Airports (HIAL)

In response to HIAL’s determination to force through its restructuring plans Prospect Union members within HIAL have voted by 71 per cent to support future strike action over the issue. A union worker:

“I think that HIAL and the SNP are seriously underestimating the support that Air Traffic Control staff will receive from their communities.”

Greece: Air traffic controllers and mechanics go on strike

The Greek Air Traffic Controllers Association (EEEKE) and the Union of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Mechanics (ENHMAEK) will be staging job walkouts on November 25 and a natiowide strike on November 26, they announced on Friday in a joint statement. Both unions are protesting the restructuring of the country’s Civil Aviation Authority under new legislation, and delayed salary payments. 

India: Airport taxi drivers go on strike in Mumbai

Around 200 taxi drivers at T2 of Mumbai airport went on a flash strike over a change of payment methods. Management want to re-introduce that drivers are not pre-paid their fare at the central counter, but that customers pay the drivers directly. Management claims that due to Covid they don’t want to deal with cash payments at the airport itself.

Spain: Strike by airport cleaners in Barcelona

This happened less than three months ago. The cleaners demanded full-time contracts from the outsourced cleaning company Valoriza Facilities. They coincided their strike with the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, when a lot of international visitors hit town. This gave their strike additional leverage. Well done!

The Night Before Lockdown.

It was the night before lockdown and all through the house many people were stirring, because they might lose their house
Teachers were waiting in the school for kids, is it fair?
Because they’re still going to school
Because Boris don’t care?
All the prats dreamed of bog roll, pasta and rice
While unemployed paid the ultimate price
People seeking jobs, overworked, underpaid
We are really pawns in their very cruel game
Ask yourself this, what does profit matter
If we can all eat but don’t need a gourmet platter
Then we all realized as everyday folk
That Boris isn’t behind us, we cant trust this bloke
We have the power to band together
Neither rich nor poor through the stormy mad weather.
By Paul Tinklin

Holland: KLM pilots reject paycut and threaten with strike

The Dutch Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra threatened KLM pilots that if they don’t accept a permanent and significant pay cut there will be no financial aid for KLM from the government. He cites that other KLM workers have already accepted wage cuts. KLM pilots threatened with strike in response. Bosses and state want to use the crisis to attack our conditions – we need a united resistance.

Mexico: Interjet workers on strike for outstanding wages in Cancun

Around 100 workers went on strike on 3rd of November to demand the payment of outstanding wages – in total around 5,000 airline workers haven’t been paid. Flights were cancelled. The company had promised to pay on 16th of October, but failed to do so.

France: Airport workers in Garenne strike against job cuts

On 16th of October workers of the small airport in Garenne, France, went on strike against the decision to close down the route Agen-Paris. Ground-staff, fire fighters and other professions stood united.

Switzerland: Air controllers unions unite and threaten with industrial action

There used to be four different unions for air traffic controllers in Switzerland, they have fused in a new union called HelvetiCA. The main issue the union currently confronts is the government’s plan to increase the pension age from 56 to 60 years.

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