Baggage Handling Tech?! Interesting article on the automation of baggage handling above. Notice the tone and the focus. It states that “This initiative will…….lessen the chance of human error, minimize loss and damage, and reduce the time required to load and unload aircraft” and “with the reduction of manual processes, these robotics will allow airports to cutContinue reading “Baggage Handling Tech?!”

BA Cargo Strike Report

Workers with the Unite union at British Airways Cargo have just completed nine days of strike action. Beginning on Christmas Day and ending on 2nd January, workers were striking in an attempt to protect their pay and conditions. Unfortunately, due to COVID, the union decided not to maintain any picket lines. British Airways are cuttingContinue reading “BA Cargo Strike Report”


Robert Barnstone Campaign Coordinator, Stop Heathrow Expansion On the evening of Friday 18th December, I was changing buses at Heathrow Central Bus Station – heading home on a U3 to West Drayton. Eleven Heathrow staff boarded the bus at the same time as me, but all alighted at the Pinglestone Close bus stop, north ofContinue reading “STAFF HIT WITH NEW TRAVEL COSTS”

Peru: Air traffic controllers hold three-day strike over COVID-19 safety

Air traffic controllers across Peru began a 72-hour strike December 22. The Unified Air Traffic Controllers Syndicate (Sucta) called the strike to press controllers’ demands for greater safety measures to prevent or reduce the spread of COVID-19. The Labor and Employment Promotion Ministry declared the strike “inappropriate” because it “does not conform to the law.”Continue reading “Peru: Air traffic controllers hold three-day strike over COVID-19 safety”

India: Air India pilots warn of ‘industrial action’ over wage cut

Disinvestment-bound Air India’s pilot unions have rejected the paltry five per cent rollback in their salary cuts and warned of “industrial action” if there is no “substantial” reversal in their paycuts. In a joint letter to Air India Chairman and Managing Director Rajiv Bansal on Thursday, the Indian Pilots’ Guild (IPG) and the Indian CommercialContinue reading “India: Air India pilots warn of ‘industrial action’ over wage cut”

Shetlands: Strike of air traffic controllers

AIR traffic controllers at airports in the Highlands and Islands are to take industrial action over plans to centralise air traffic control in Inverness. Action will commence on 4 and 5 January, and it will initially consist of the withdrawal of any work relating to airport operator HIAL’s remote towers plan and the closure ofContinue reading “Shetlands: Strike of air traffic controllers”

Heathrow Strike Report – Day 2

“We’re all going through the same. We should all walk out. Everyone in Unite. All over the airport.”  – Heathrow striker.  On 14th December Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL) workers had the second of their four scheduled strikes against the companies forced changes to their contracts. On the day, we went along to support the strikersContinue reading “Heathrow Strike Report – Day 2”

Heathrow Strike Report – Day 1

“Did you see the HAL lot out Monday? It’s out of order what the company is doing to them. Totally support them. I was called off another job to go over to central and cover in case of emergencies.”Heathrow contractor. “I’ve seen communities torn apart when their industries are destroyed overnight. I don’t think peopleContinue reading “Heathrow Strike Report – Day 1”

Nigeria: Workers ground Arik Air operations in protest

Arik Air operations were on Thursday grounded by the National Union of Air Transport Employees over poor working conditions. The workers blocked the entrance of the airline’s headquarters, carrying placards with different inscriptions. Some of the inscriptions read, “End Arik brutality,” and “Sign our condition of service and recall all staff.” They alleged that severalContinue reading “Nigeria: Workers ground Arik Air operations in protest”

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