Highland and Islands Air Traffic Controllers Strike

https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/homenews/19475495.hial-lifeline-planes-grounded-scots-air-traffic-workers-forced-strike-cuts/ Air traffic controllers at HIAL with the union Prospect finally go on strike, shutting down multiple airports, in long running dispute over planned control tower relocation and centralisation! Why has it taken so long? Is the union scared of bad media publicity? Negotiations have been ongoing for nearly a year with no progress, why’llContinue reading “Highland and Islands Air Traffic Controllers Strike”

Direct SatisfAction

At Heathrow, once we’ve decided what we want, what actions shall we take to get it? And what can our method of action tell us about what we want? Some recent events might give us some hints. Livorno and Naples Dockworkers.  Amidst the continuing atrocities against Palestinian civilians in the occupied territories, in mid-May, ItalianContinue reading “Direct SatisfAction”

Heathrow Workers’ Newsletter No.5

What’s been going on?! If you’ve been a worker at Heathrow over the last year, chances are, you’ve either been through a redundancy process, seen your pay and conditions attacked, lost all your overtime, been on furlough, or all of the above. It has been a unique experience. Previous aviation crises, like the fallout fromContinue reading “Heathrow Workers’ Newsletter No.5”

WISAG ground workers at Frankfurt Airport call for expanded struggle

The WISAG ground workers maintained their hunger strike at Terminal 1 of Rhein-Main Airport for eight days before they had to break it off on the evening of March 3. Before that several hunger strikers had collapsed since Sunday. The workers have temporarily suspended their action, “exclusively for health reasons,” as they say. The groundContinue reading “WISAG ground workers at Frankfurt Airport call for expanded struggle”

Support staff at Cork Airport consider industrial action over redundancies

Staff employed by OCS, a facilities company contracted by the airport, are facing compulsory redundancy. It is due to the downturn in traffic at the airport, which means the facilities staff are no longer required.  “The workers are angry. They’re not going down without a fight,” Tony Carroll, Aviation Officer with trade union SIPTU said.Continue reading “Support staff at Cork Airport consider industrial action over redundancies”

Heathrow Workers’ Newsletter No.4

Like everywhere else, the situation at Heathrow continues to shift and change. The governments “road map,” laid out on 22nd February, offered light at the end of the tunnel for frustrated holiday makers eager to escape the stress of the last year. Airlines and travel companies saw a massive increase in bookings for June andContinue reading “Heathrow Workers’ Newsletter No.4”

Handling Worker Strike-Madrid

Workers at the handling company Groundforce at Madrid airport took part in targeted strike action Monday 8th February. The strike was set to continue every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday of February. However, due to lack of effectiveness, the strike was suspended by unions on Monday 15th February.  Since the start of the pandemic the companyContinue reading “Handling Worker Strike-Madrid”

Tunisair workers to strike

TUNIS, Feb 18 (Reuters) – Tunisair workers will strike on Friday to protest the lack of a reform plan by the company and over the freezing of company accounts by an airport operator, their labour union said on Thursday. The strike is expected to affect flights, the Tunisair syndicate official for the country’s main UGTTContinue reading “Tunisair workers to strike”

Heathrow Workers’ Newsletter No.3

Heathrow suffered further strain over Christmas heading into the new year. First with the discovery of the new Covid variant in the lead up to Christmas, which caused countries to ban flights from the UK. Secondly, the government’s removal of safe travel corridors on the 18th January meant much tighter restrictions on all passengers inContinue reading “Heathrow Workers’ Newsletter No.3”

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