Get involved in Heathrow Solidarity Network!

We’re a bunch of AngryWorkers in and around Heathrow Airport. We started a solidarity network for local workers because: 1. We want to  fight on all fronts: job cuts and crap at work, problems with landlords, as well as a cost of living crisis. We need a foot in both camps, inside and outside ofContinue reading “Get involved in Heathrow Solidarity Network!”

Downfall- The Case Against Boeing. Awful- The Case Against Netflix.

Media outlets have heaped great praise on the Netflix documentary, ‘Downfall: The Case Against Boeing.’ And the ratings haven’t been bad either. Its made it into the Netflix Top 10 most watched list. No mean feat for such a narrowly focused documentary. The film certainly does a great job of sympathetically depicting the anguish ofContinue reading “Downfall- The Case Against Boeing. Awful- The Case Against Netflix.”

The Workers’ Runway- Newsletter No.6

This is the longer, online version, of the newsletter that we are distributing locally. Download below:- Heathrow Staff Parking Charges! Workers are being made to pay up to an extra 135% for the privilege of parking at work. From £57 a month for a parking pass, to £135! Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL) say this isContinue reading “The Workers’ Runway- Newsletter No.6”

Public Meeting with Alitalia workers fighting job losses!  

Wednesday 20th October at 7pm (BST) All over the globe, since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, bosses have been trying to push losses onto workers and capitalise on this crisis. Aviation workers at Alitalia in Italy are facing massive job losses. Base unions and worker collectives across Italy are attempting to link upContinue reading “Public Meeting with Alitalia workers fighting job losses!  “


During the last weeks the struggle of Alitalia workers against ITA project has dramatically increased. The Italian government, with the EU support, has decided to erase the Italian historical airline to start up a small airline with a few aircraft, no handling, no maintenance and not a chance to take off! A downsizing plan thatContinue reading “WE SUPPORT ALITALIA WORKERS AGAINST ITA PROJECT “

Heathrow Meeting!

Hello everyone  We would like to invite you to a meeting to discuss plans for a local action group at Heathrow.  When:- 7pm Thursday 16th September 2021 Where:- On Zoom How:- If you would like to attend, email us @ and we will send you the Zoom link.  What’s been happening?!  Workers reliant on aviation, haveContinue reading “Heathrow Meeting!”

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