Get involved in Heathrow Solidarity Network!

We’re a bunch of AngryWorkers in and around Heathrow Airport. We started a solidarity network for local workers because:

1. We want to  fight on all fronts: job cuts and crap at work, problems with landlords, as well as a cost of living crisis. We need a foot in both camps, inside and outside of workplaces , to help develop stronger working class responses and self-defence. 

2. There have been various disputes at the airport recently: Menzies, Vanderlande, DO&CO etc. We want to support future strikes, but we need to get to know local workers and build up some more solid connections with them. When things kick off, the  Solidarity Networkis a way to extend contacts and share information on the basis of mutual trust inside workplaces. 

3. It’s a way to build an independent and clued up network in the area – without lawyers and bureaucrats exploiting us.

4. It’s a way to build local confidence: we can take on bosses and landlords without a big professional apparatus behind us, and win.

Calls are coming in. A local Heathrow Airport worker has been in touch about a landlord who is withholding his deposit for non-existent damages. Another airport security worker got in touch about being unfairly dismissed. 

With Heathrow being a prime location for deportation flights, we  will also be working with West London Resistance Collective against raids on migrants and deportation. We also want to collaborate with groups campaigning against Heathrow Expansion – workers need to fight against the jobs vs. the planet trap. 

Whatever your skills or time capacity, there will be something for you to do – from putting up posters, giving out leaflets, meeting up with workers who get in touch, writing letters, doing some casework, writing articles, interviewing local workers, coordinating actions…

If you want to get involved, email us and we’ll have a chat! 

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