Highland and Islands Air Traffic Controllers Strike


Air traffic controllers at HIAL with the union Prospect finally go on strike, shutting down multiple airports, in long running dispute over planned control tower relocation and centralisation! Why has it taken so long? Is the union scared of bad media publicity? Negotiations have been ongoing for nearly a year with no progress, why’ll the company continually pushes ahead with its plans. How can the workers patience be in question? Yet still, the Herald article above, questions the legitimacy of the strike by putting the word “forced” in scare quotes and seeks to convince readers that the workers are irresponsible by calling the flights that were cancelled by the strike, “lifeline planes.” The media will never be on the workers side, no matter how obvious our “patience” is. If the boss isn’t listen and we have the ability to shut the operation down, do it! How else are we going to teach the bosses, to do as they’re told.

Heathrow Workers Power

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