Wildcat action of baggage handlers at Madrid airport

29th of September 2020


Workers from Groundforce, Globalia’s ground services subsidiary (‘handling’), at Madrid’s Adolfo Suárez-Barajas airport, have decided to start mobilizing to denounce the chaotic management of temporary contracts – denouncing both the company and the ‘works council’ (trade unions). 

According to the organizers of this initiative, a group of fifty Barajas employees, the reason for the protests has been the passivity of the works council, led by UGT. The passive nature of the union led them to organize themselves as a workers’ assembly and call a first demonstration for the next Monday, October 5, at Terminal 2 in Barajas.

These protests come after two meetings, held in September, in which the need to change the way the temporary shifts are managed – workers are often given only three days notice regarding shift changes. Wages are often delayed. There is also an arbitrary allocation of shifts. Faced with this system, the workers’ assembly defends an equitable distribution of hours among all workers. 

For the assembly, this precariousness of employment further aggravates the economic situation of the workforce. In fact, the agonizing situation that a growing number of employees are experiencing has led the assembly to take the initiative to create a food bank to help colleagues 

Before the COVID-19 crisis broke out, Groundforce had a workforce of 3,700 employees and 180 million turnover. 

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